The Phone Book: How to Get the The Telephone Equipment and Service You Want — And Pay Less




(Note:  this book was published in 1991.  Almost everything in this book is out of date.  This is a successor to The Telephone Book, published in 1987.)

An uncomplicated guide to telephone sanity, complete with buying advice and Ratings from Consumer Reports on telephones and answering machines.

Since deregulation, the telephone system has become a costly maze of competing models and services. Too often consumers enter the telephone marketplace without knowing how to get good service at the best possible price.

Here in one volume is the information you need to make the right choices on:

  • long-distance service,
  • telephones, fax and answering machines, and cellular phones, and
  • in-home installation and repair.

You’ll learn how to read your telephone bills, select a long-distance carrier, cope with pay phones, and use your calling cards for maximum efficiency and economy. From cover to cover, The Phone Book helps you eliminate confusion and become a savvy telephone consumer.

Most important, The Phone Book demystifies telephone wiring and installation. By using a few basic tools and the book’s simple diagrams and clear, jargon-free instructions, you can learn how to do your own phone installation and wiring easily and safely.

Topics include:

  • Long-distance service
  • Local service
  • In-home repair
  • Installation and wiring
  • Choosing equipment
  • Competitive phone systems
  • Cellular phones, answering machines, fax machines

Corl Oppedahl is a graduate of Harvard Law School and a practicing patent attorney. As a consumer activist, he has championed the interests of consumers in obtaining cost-effective telephone service.

The Phone Book is published by Consumer Reports Books, a division of Consumers Union of United States, Inc. Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumer Reports, Is a nonprofit organization established in 1936 to provide consumers with information and advice on products, services, health, and personal finance.

  • By Carl Oppedahl and the editors of Consumer Reports Books
  • Copyright 1987, 1991
  • 377 pages
  • 9 inches by 6 inches by 1 inch
  • ISBN:  0-89043-364-X