Learning to use the PCT-PPH Highway - US filers

Learning to use the PCT Patent Prosecution Highway

You've heard about the PCT Patent Prosecution Highway. Now learn everything about how to use it, in a convenient audio-visual recording of a live webinar, from the comfort of your home or office.  The webinar took place on September 14, 2010.

CLE accredited.  This program is accredited for 2 Colorado CLE credits and for 1.25 California CLE credits.

This program is designed specifically for patent firms and corporations located within the US.

The program. Why do we care about PCT-PPH? Maybe you would like to get a case allowed in thirteen days or fifteen days, as happened recently at OPLF. Or if that's not good enough for you, maybe you would like to get a case allowed in three days, as happened recently at OPLF.

To serve clients well, it is important to be familiar with all of the available tools and tricks. PCT-PPH has been available now for half a year, and it's time to learn all about it.

  • How to identify existing cases that are eligible for "highway" benefits
  • Planning your new filings to maximize the chances for "highway" benefits
  • Choosing an International Searching Authority with PPH in mind
  • How to fill out the forms
  • Most commonly made mistakes when petitioning for PPH status
  • Fixing mistakes if a petition has been dismissed
  • How to docket PCT-PPH

Who should watch this recording? There are three target audiences for this program:

  • Patent attorneys and agents in private practice in the US, who want to serve clients better
  • Attorneys and agents in corporate patent departments who want to know how to make best use of PCT-PPH to get US patents
  • Paralegals, legal secretaries, and administrative assistants in the US who actually fill out forms and e-file documents with the USPTO

The faculty? Your professor is Carl Oppedahl, a partner in the Oppedahl Patent Law Firm. Carl is the chair of the AIPLA PCT Issues Committee. He has spent more than twenty years writing and prosecuting patent applications for clients. He serves as an adjunct professor at University of Denver law school, teaching Advanced Patent Law.

Here's what some attendees had to say about this webinar when it was presented live:

  • "It was chock full of useful info that could be put to immediate use." - G.E., Swarthmore, PA.
  • "Couldn't have been better.  Covered a great deal of relevant material in a short time." - M.W., Naperville, IL.
  • "Carl presented the information very well and varied his intonations sufficiently to prevent me from falling asleep (which is no mean feat)!  The content was interesting and the speaker was engaging." - N.L., Mississauga, Ontario.
  • "Carl does everyone a tremendous service by doing webinars like this and spearheading the PCT-L group online." - J.O., Belmont, MA.
  • "It was a nice compact, convenient way to get information." - J.M., Fort Collins, CO.
  • "Carl was very clear in his presentation of the subject matter." - P.S., Monrovia, CA.

Format?  This program is a Windows Media Audio/Visual (WMV) recording, one hour and 33 minutes in duration.  You will download a zip file (73 megabytes) containing the WMV file, the presentation slides (PDF, seventy-four pages), the study materials (PDF, four pages), and a Uniform Certificate of Attendance (PDF, one page) for use in applying for CLE credit.

What may I do with these materials?  These materials are protected by copyright.  You may use them as you would use a book.  If you give a book to someone, you no longer have a copy of the book.  Feel free to pass these materials along to someone else so long as you do not retain a copy, and so long as you make sure the recipient understands these conditions.

Why should I register with this web site?  If you register with this web site, then you can view your past orders by signing in to this web site.  If you misplace your downloaded file, you will be able to download it again by signing in and viewing the past order.

Learning to use the PCT-PPH Highway - US filers
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