Learn to use USPTO's new After-Final Consideration Pilot version

Watch a recording of a previous webinar to learn to use USPTO's new After-Final Consideration Pilot version 2.0.

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Learn to use USPTO's new After-Final Consideration Pilot version 2.0

You can see the May 17 Federal Register Notice announcing the USPTO's new After-Final Consideration Pilot version 2.0. And you can see USPTO's new Form PTO/SB/434 entitled "Certification and Request for Consideration under the After Final Consideration Pilot Program 2.0".

USPTO announced the program on Friday, May 17, 2013 and it took effect two days later on Sunday, May 19. The progam will continue at least until September 30, 2013.  The live webinar that you will watch in this recording was presented on May 28, 2013.

Clients are going to hear about this AFCP program. They are going to ask you about it. You need to be able to answer your clients' questions about it.

The point of AFCP is to give you at least a chance at avoiding having to file an RCE. Keep in mind that RCEs nowadays cost $1200, except that the second or subsequent RCE in a particular case will cost $1700 (cheaper for small and micro entities). Clearly you need to know how to use AFCP so that you can take your best chance at avoiding such fees.

Can't I just read the FR notice and figure it all out? Probably so. The FR notice is only three pages long. The link to the FR notice and its associated PTO form are given above. The program might, however, save you some time and might help you appreciate when it's smarter to use AFCP and when it's smarter not to use it.

Okay I might watch the recording. What will I learn? Topics to be discussed include:

  • figuring out when you can and can't use AFCP
  • how to docket for AFCP
  • figuring out when it is smarter to AFCP and when it is smarter to use something else
  • does the use of AFCP have any negative effect on PPH status?
  • does the use of AFCP have any negative effect on Track-I status?
  • what does AFCP cost?
  • what are the potential drawbacks of using AFCP?
  • how exactly do I go about using AFCP?

CLE accreditation has been obtained for California for 1.5 credits.

The faculty. Your professor is Carl Oppedahl, a partner in OPLF. Carl previously served as the chair of the AIPLA PCT Issues Committee and is now a member of the Board of Directors of AIPLA. He has spent more than twenty years writing and prosecuting patent applications for clients. He serves as an adjunct professor at University of Denver law school, teaching Patent Prosecution.

Here's what some attendees had to say about this webinar from OPLF taught by Professor Oppedahl:

  • "Well presented and answered questions from attendees." -- N.M., Omaha, NE
  • "Excellent." -- P.S., Milpitas, CA
  • "Great." -- R.O., Broomfield, CO
  • "Very interesting, well presented and topical." -- S.M., Canada
  • "Great. Concise, to the point and practical." -- M.Z., NY
  • "Well done. Direct, informative, and very helpful to stay up to date with current USPTO practicies." -- M.M., FL

 Format? This program is an MP4 recording, 65 minutes in duration. You will download a zip file (58 megabytes) containing the MP4 file, the presentation slides (PDF, fifty-five slides), the above-mentioned Federal Register notice, the above-mentioned Form PTO/SB/434, and a Uniform Certificate of Attendance for use in applying for CLE credit. 

What may I do with these materials? These materials are protected by copyright. You may use them as you would use a book. If you give a book to someone, you no longer have a copy of the book. Feel free to pass these materials along to someone else so long as you do not retain a copy, and so long as you make sure the recipient understands these conditions.

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Learn to use USPTO's new After-Final Consideration Pilot version
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